At the start of this year, there were many leaders in the world who tried to inspire their followers by framing the year 2020 as one of great “vision.” Since perfect vision is 20/20, this was understandable, even if it may have been a little bit corny! But this year has shown us how little we know of the future, hasn’t it? No one anticipated COVID-19. No one could have guessed how dramatically our lives have changed over these past twelve months. So, as we approach the Christmas season, and the end of this difficult year, a cliché in our culture has taken on deeper significance: “HINDISGHT is 20/20.”

As we anticipate the unknowns of the future and live in trials of the present, we would be wise to look to the past. In the pages of Scripture and in the events of history, we can see with greater clarity who God is and what He is like. When we look back at His past promises and actions, we don’t have to wonder or guess what He will be like in the future.

Advent is a time that we look forward to the second coming of Christ. There are some things we know with certainty about His return, but between now and then, there are many things that remain hidden and mysterious. It’s as if we are walking through a deep fog, even though we know our ultimate destination. Yet behind us in time, the fog has lifted. So we can look back at all that God has done, and listen to all that He has promised, to help us press into the fog in faith.

We have created Advent Guides to help you read and meditate on the Scriptures during this season. You can access those by clicking the links below: