John: The Trinity & Us

John 14:15-31

Most of us have probably shared in that awkward social experience of being “on the outside looking in.” At some point we’ve all probably had a friend group, a club, or a team that seemed to be so wonderful that we desperately wanted to be a part of it, yet we could never figure out a way to break into it ourselves. When we consider the Trinity (the Father, Son, and Spirit), we see a “group” whose love and delight in each other is so beautiful that we can’t help but want to join in! Yet, because of our sin, left to ourselves, we could. However, in our passage, John 14:15-31, we’ll see that we actually can become insiders with the Triune God, wrapped up in the incredible, incomprehensible love that they share with one another. Join us as we take a look together at this glorious text and contemplate what an amazing privilege we’re given to fellowship with Father, Son, and Spirit.