John: Take Heart

John 16:25-33

While all passages of Scripture are equally inspired and fully profitable for us as God’s people, there are some portions of God’s Word that subjectively seem to carry added weight and should be approached with an added sense of reverence, if that’s even possible. As we come to the end of John 16 (verses 25-33) and look ahead to the next several chapters, we are entering into such “holy ground,” where we’ll read about the events that unfolded in the Garden of Gethsemane, in Jerusalem, and at Golgotha that weekend. In this passage specifically, we’ll get to read what John records as Jesus’ final private words to His disciples that Thursday evening before praying to the Father, being arrested, and getting swept away to face trial. Holy ground indeed. So what did He say to them in that moment? And what can we learn as we listen in? Join us to find out!