God’s Redeeming Love: Ruth As Prequel

Ruth 4:13-22

Prequels are stories whose contents precede those of a work that has been previously released and enjoyed. Think Star Wars: Episodes I-III. At their best, they shed light on famous characters and scenes by providing their backstories to audiences.
As we conclude our walk through the book of Ruth, the last few verses will reveal that this story of famine, death, conversion, struggle, generosity, romance, and marriage have all been a prequel–a powerful backstory to the rise of David, the great king of Israel. We’ll see how David’s story was a prequel as well–a powerful backstory to the rise of Jesus, the great king of heaven. And we’ll see that all of our stories, from Ruth and Boaz’s to mine and yours, are sub-stories authored by God to shed light on the greatest story of His Son.